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Cooking competition

Enter our cooking competition with your friends and cook the best dish together. You can surprise us with some new ideas or you can cook from the ingredients that we provide for you. If the 9-member jury decides that the dish of your team tastes the best then you and your team will definitely be there at the next Campus Festival as VIP guests and on top of that, your team will have the trophy of yoUDay. Besides that, your team can win daily tickets for the Campus Festival by cooking the second and third best dish. So do not wait anymore, grab a kitchen spoon and cook!

You can apply from 29 August 2018


UD’s Got Talent

We are looking for you if you have the most hilarious stories among your friends or if you win every karaoke night or the stage is caught on fire under your feet when you start dancing. We are also looking for teams if you rather participate with a team. Apply for the talent show of yoUDay for winning weekly pass or daily ticket for the Campus Festival. The best performance will also win the trophy of yoUDay.

You can apply from 29 August 2018


Chili burger eating contest

A chili burger eating contest sponsored by Sárréti Chilifarm. The task is simple: you have to eat the chili burger as fast as you can. However, the task not ends here. The winner will be that person who is able to survive without drinking or eating anything for five minutes after finishing the burger. Therefore the final winner is not the fastest but the strongest contestant, who can survive this five minutes.

You can apply from 29 August 2018

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beer pong

DEN Beer Pong

In this game, the goal is to somehow throw the ball into the cup of the opposite team. For this game, we need teams with two members. In each game, two teams play with each other, and every team has 20 half liter cups. The cups set up in a triangle formation on each side, and each cups will be filled with 1 dl of beer/Spritzer/water based on preference. The goal of the game is to remove the cups of the opposing team by throwing the ball into the cups. When the ball is thrown into the opponents’ team cup, then they have to drink its content and put the cup aside. The team, who firstly removes all of the cups of the opponent team wins the game.

You can apply from 29 August 2018


Tibi atya - Spitzer Relay Race

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Penalty kicks for equal opportunity. You have to drink a shot after you can shoot the ball. If you hit it, there will be another round and so on… If you do not shoot good, it will be a crash for you against the goalkeepers of the DEAC. Of course, if you do not want to drink the divine nectar of the gods, we would replace it with fruit juice.

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Magical, unforgettable and variable. These words can describe most what the yoUday is. A giant show with lots of unforgettable moments and sparkling atmosphere.




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