until the next yoUDay!

2018. september 26.

yoUDay – your day!

yoUDay isn’t just a semester opening stadium show!
It is about US!


Unique and exclusive semester opening and it’s NOT only for the people of the University of Debrecen.


Magical, unforgettable and variable. These words can describe most what the yoUday is. A giant show with lots of unforgettable moments and sparkling atmosphere.


! In the yoUDay you won’t be only a member of the audience but an active participant of the show because we all belong here! yoUday is YOUR day. Let’s spend a whole happy and cheerful day together in our accompanying programs before and after the show.


yoUDay is your DAY! Let's spend a whole day together with a wide variety of activities both before and after the show!


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That’s how the performers felt themselves with us...

Ildikó Keresztes

I just feel sorry for that I can’t be a university student again but if I could so I would definitely choose your university.

Halott Pénz

The mood was just magical at the yoUDay

Csaba Vastag

We can became a part of a great family here and there is no such thing anywhere.

Gábor Heincz

I would be really-really gratefeul if I could be a uni stud again and I would be a part of this great community.