It's your day


This is UD’s one of a kind, exclusive semester opening stadium show, not only for UD citizens!

It’s magical and truly unforgettable, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! YoUDay can only be described as an extraordinary show with a vibrant spirit and packed unforgettable moments!

The spectators of this event are the core community of UD, you included!

The guests here are not just simple onlookers, but active participants who make up our colorful community! We all belong here!

Tickets are SOON available

Be the first one to purchase your ticket to YoUDay, the largest semester opening ceremony of Europe!

Our memories

We are going to have our 8th YoUDay in 2024 with amazing activities and magical moments to come, but for now let’s go back in time and check out the after-movies of past semester opening shows!


The 2023 yoUDay show was held on September 13th, marking its seventh occasion. The event provided an unforgettable experience not only for the university community but also for the city’s students and residents. This unique event in Europe featured performances by stars of the Hungarian music scene, including Valmar, Dzsúdló, Korda György, and Balázs Klári, alongside a gigantic show and a vibrant atmosphere, welcoming all visitors.


‘HERE and NOW in Peace’ was the message of our event in 2022. Despite the difficult times, we filled the stadium again, cried, laughed, sang, and our hearts beat together. Let’s meet again in 2023! We are already preparing, how about you?


One year after the pandemic, at the 5th YoUDay, our wonderful citizens finally had the chance to get together again, so the motto of the event “Back together again” couldn’t be more fitting. This is how we started the academic year of 2021/22!


Many students, UD citizens and Debrecen locals were excited to see show this year, with over 22 thousand visitors to start the academic year right!


YouDay is no longer just an opening ceremony, it’s a whole concept! UD citizens now think of the many heartwarming moments spent together with friends, peers and colleagues whenever they hear the word “YoUDay”.


The University of Debrecen held this grandiose ceremony for the second time in the heart of Nagyerdő, at the Stadium, with 20 thousand visitors in the crowd!


This is the first time the university decided to organize YoUDay, in the hopes of creating a long running tradition for our UD citizens and our community.